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Title: [KERNEL] ElementalX - Kernel for Nexus 5
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>> DOWNLOADS (http://'') <<

Official thread from XDA developers forum

1. If you've been using another custom kernel, reflash your ROM without wiping data
2. Install zip from recovery
3. Follow the instructions, if you don't know what to do, use the preselected options
4. Reboot

Q. Does doubletap2wake/sweep2wake drain battery?
A. Yes, on this device it does. If you choose to enable the wake functions, you can set a timeout or use the power key toggle option to quickly disable dt2w if you won't be using the phone for a while.

Q. My min frequency is stuck at 1267MHz.
A. No, it's not. When you touch the screen, the frequency is temporarily boosted to 1267MHz. The min frequency will go back to 300MHz when you're not looking. But there is a way for it to get stuck at 1267 if you have certain apps set to automatically save and apply settings. My recommendation: DON'T MESS WITH THE FREQUENCIES!!! Set them in the installer and leave it alone.

Q: What is the difference between standard and express versions?
A: Standard uses the Aroma installer to customize kernel settings. Express is a standard .zip flashed in recovery with default kernel/aroma settings. Any previous aroma install settings will be kept when flashing express. It is recommended to install the aroma version the first time, and the express version for subsequent installs (unless you want to change some settings).

Q. Does this kernel have good battery life?
A. Yes. The best, and it doesn't compromise performance.

Q. What app should I use to control the kernel?
A. You don't need an app, choose your settings in the installer. If you want to tinker you can use Faux Clock, Franco Kernel Updater, TricksterMod and probably other apps.

Q. Should I disable mpdecision?
A. No.

Q. I have really bad battery drain, any ideas?
A. You might have sweep2wake or doubletap2wake enabled. Otherwise, there is something wrong with your phone.

Q. I have [some random problem], any ideas?
A. There is something wrong with your phone. Wipe and reinstall. The major releases of this kernel are 100% stable and everything works.