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Get started with Inbox by Gmail


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  • Devices: S7 Edge / Nexus 6P / Nexus 4&5
Get started with Inbox by Gmail
« on: June 16, 2016, 01:05:21 AM »
Welcome to the inbox that works for you. Learn about the key features of Inbox by Gmail to help you get started.
DOWNLOAD Inbox by Gmail (Google Play mirror link)


Quick how-to video

Step-by-step guide
After you go through the steps in this guide, you'll understand everything you need to know to use Inbox. Along the way you'll see links to resources where you can find more information.

1. Get to know the new bundled labels in your inbox

Some of your messages are already sorted into labels like Promos, Social, and Finance. They’re bundled in your inbox so they take up less space and can be dealt with all at once.

Pin emails you still need to read or follow up on.


  • Open a label in your inbox like Promos or Finance.
  • Open an email you want to make sure you take a look at later.
  • Select Pin .
Now you'll see your email directly in your inbox, as well as inside the label. Use the switch at the top of your inbox to see a list of only your pinned items .

Learn more about labels.

If you think an email should be somewhere else, you can move it.


  • Open a label in your inbox like Promos or Finance.
  • Open an email.
  • Select "Move to" .
  • Choose another label listed under "Bundled in the inbox."
  • In the black bar at the bottom, you'll see options to Undo or Always do this.
Learn more about moving emails in and out of labels.

2. Plan or procrastinate
Manage your to-do's from your inbox. Add reminders for yourself or snooze emails and reminders until you're ready to deal with them.

Your reminders show up right in your inbox.
  • Open Inbox.
  • Go to the Create button .
  • Select Reminder .
  • Type in your reminder.
  • Save.
Tip: Your reminder can help you get things done by including relevant information like phone numbers for people and businesses. As you're creating a reminder, choose a suggestion that has an icon next to it. For example, " call Zack's Pizza."

Learn more about reminders.

You can snooze an email to get it out of your inbox until you're ready to get to it, whether that's tomorrow, next week, or a specific date.

You can even snooze an email or reminder so that it shows up the next time you arrive at home, work, or a specific address. You'll need to use your phone the first time you snooze to a place.
  • Open the Inbox app on your phone.
  • Open an email.
  • Select Snooze .
  • Choose Pick place.
  • Choose Home.
The next time you arrive at home, you'll get a notification on your phone and you'll see your email at the top of your inbox.

Learn more about snooze.

You can also use snooze to set up a reminder that repeats.
  • Create a new reminder by going to Create and then Reminder .
  • Type in something you need to do regularly.
  • Select Snooze .
  • Choose Pick date & time.
  • Choose the first day for your reminder. Then, choose a time.
  • Click Does not repeat and choose one of the options.
  • Save your reminder.
View and edit snoozed items
You can see everything that's snoozed in the main menu under Snoozed. Repeating reminders have an icon on the right to help you find them . You can open the repeating reminder to make changes that will affect all future reminders in the series.

Learn more about reminders.

3. Clear away stuff you're done with
When you're done with an email or reminder, mark it done to move it out of your inbox.

You can mark emails or reminders as done right from your inbox without opening the email:


  • Find an email that you don't need in your inbox anymore.
  • On mobile, just swipe right. On a computer, move your mouse over an email or reminder and click Mark done on the right.
You can see everything you've marked done by going to the main menu and choosing Done. Your done items are always there so you can search for them whenever you need them.

Learn more about marking done.

What about delete?

If there's an email you need to delete, you can open the email, select "Move to" and choose Trash. Keep in mind that messages in Trash are permanently deleted after about 30 days.

Learn more about deleting.

Sweep helps you keep your inbox clean by marking unpinned emails in a section as done. You can use sweep to clear out a bunch of older messages or to empty out labels with less important emails.

You can try sweep and then click Undo right afterward:

  • In your inbox, go to a bundled label that has emails you don't need to read, like Social.
  • Pin any emails you want to keep in your inbox. Tip: Pin multiple emails without opening them by selecting the sender images on the left of each email and clicking Pin .
  • In the top right, click Sweep . Make sure you choose the sweep icon for that label.
  • If you need to undo, look for the UNDO option in the black bar at the bottom after clicking Sweep.
Learn more about sweep.

4. Organize your inbox the way you want it
The labels that come in your inbox, like Promos and Finance, are yours to customize. Plus, you can create your own labels.

For labels that you don't need to check very often, you can set the label to only show once a day or once a week. And if you don’t want your emails grouped together, you can turn off bundling so messages show up individually instead.

Here's how to check your label's settings:
  • Open a label in your inbox. Or go to the main menu and find your label.
  • Select the Settings icon . On mobile, it's at the top. On a computer, it's next to the label's name in the main menu.
Learn more about label settings.

You can create your own labels and choose to have emails automatically added to them. If you already use labels in Gmail, your labels are already listed in the main menu . But they won't show in your inbox until you turn on bundling in the label's settings.

Learn more about custom labels.

5. Check out a few other cool things
Inbox makes it easy to quickly contact your friends and see important information at glance.

Photos and videos are highlighted in your inbox so you don’t even have to open the message to see them.
If you don't have any emails with photos in your inbox, you can send yourself an email with a picture in it:


  • Open Inbox.
  • In the bottom right, go to the Create button .
  • Click Compose .
  • Enter your email address in the To field.
  • Add your photo using Attach .

The next time you plan a vacation, your travel emails like flight and hotel reservations will be automatically organized into a Trip bundle. For example, a "Trip to New York" bundle would include emails related to your New York travel plans. Plus, key info like flight status and confirmation numbers are highlighted so you have everything you need at a moment's notice.

Learn more about Trips.

Speed dial lets you start a message to your top contacts in just two steps.


  • Open Inbox and go to the Create button .
  • Select one of your contacts above the compose button.
Learn more about sending emails.